Välkommen till Stockholms årliga utställning för skandinaviska klockmärken. 

Welcome to the Swedish exhibition for Scandinavian watchbrands.

Discover the timeless elegance and precision craftsmanship of Scandinavian watch brands at our exclusive exhibition in Stockholm! we are bringing together the most talented and innovative watchmakers from Scandinavia to showcase their unique timepieces and share their stories with you.

Indulge in the elegance and sophistication of Scandinavian watchmaking, where the attention to detail and dedication to quality are second to none. Marvel at the intricate movements and stunning designs that capture the essence of Scandinavian style and heritage. From classic to contemporary, our exhibition features a diverse range of timepieces that will leave you in awe.

Meet the makers behind the brands and gain an insight into their passion for creating watches that not only tell time but also reflect their personal stories and vision. Whether you're a seasoned watch enthusiast or simply looking for a stunning timepiece to elevate your style, this exhibition is a must-see event. 

So mark your calendar, and get ready to be inspired by the beauty and functionality of Scandinavian watches. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly special. See you at the exhibition!

12 OKTOBER 2024